Collegians – ‘Black Mass’

2017 brought us not only the year of the doom and gloom of “Trump-ism” in the U.S and the world, but divisions across the political worldwide landscape. Australian Electronic/Rock band Collegians just brought everyone back together with a hard edge new single ” Black Mass” . the fouresome have been able to maneuver their very multi-genre sound with this new single by re-introducing us to their honesty as a group, and dedication to heart pounding groove. Black Mass may be to some as a darker title , but you can’t help but jump into the game of this infectious vibe when the protagonist lays it on with “you spread your everyday legs like it’s free” .

In listening to Black Mass I hear 80’s overtone’s of English synth pop grop Soft Cell, and have to give these Aussies big props for “daring to push the envelope, lyrically and musically. The hypnotic synth sound , coupled with the high range of lead singer Glenn Patrick, brings you a buffet of strong vocals, a belting rock guitar and shades of a young Duran Duran. The Collegians score high points on Black Mass, keep your eye out for these guys, they are the real deal. A very well produced and mixed sound that lyrically can swing to both dark and passionate love, Black Mass is a definate on your playlist.

Salley M. Turner: