Collegians – ‘Vaccine’

Collegians go for a series of beautiful dramatic flourishes on the powerful rollicking alt rock of “Vaccine”. With an interesting blend of industrial, hard rock, even classical and a little bit of balladry, the entire piece simply stuns with its majestic grandeur. By far the heart and soul of the track comes from their powerful vocals which nicely rise above the din with an incredible intensity. Throughout the song Collegians bring the listener on a gorgeous journey, with interesting mixture of layers. Attention to detail means that the entire piece simply glistens as the melodic progression feels particularly profound. Lyrics focus upon a desire, a true yearning for something better.

Various whirs introduce the track. Upon focusing into the groove everything falls into piece. The vocals have a commanding presence to them, further punctuated by the heightened sense of reality brought on by the piano. Indeed, the poignant piano heightens the emotional impact of the lyricism. When the choir comes into the mix everything grows even heavier as the way the thing sings feels downright decadent. Quite luxurious everything simply swirls about with such grace. Synthesizer weaves its way into the overall mix, giving the piece a cinematic scope at times. For the final stretch of the piece everything simply lets loose with the electronic flourishes overwhelm it all, before it simply drifts off into the sonic ether.

With “Vaccine” Collegians delve into a sense of approaching a relationship with all the hesitancy and hope that it brings.