Electric Radio Kings – ‘Grabbing at a Distant Star’

Electric Radio Kings opts for a dreamy, yearning atmosphere on the spellbinding swirl of “Grabbing at a Distant Star”. Volume deserves to be blasted, for there an immediacy to the entire piece. By far the true heart of the track comes from the powerful vocals that take front and center stage, with lyrics that focus upon what it really means to rise above one’s situation to find something truly fulfilling. Guitars riff off with such intensity as the drums blast it out with a force of nature approach.

Washes of sound join various vocal snippets for the mellowed introduction of the piece. Upon guitars entering into the mix things truly get started. Rather majestic, the spacious sound surrounds. By soaring up into the sky everything feels propelled forward. The choir coming into the mix further emphasizes this life-affirming feeling. Lyrics reflect on a life lived to the fullest, as they detail the importance of constantly striving for self-improvement. Over the course of the song Electric Radio Kings reach for ever greater heights, letting everything churn about with such joy. For the latter half of the piece everything simply lets loose, with multiple layers of guitars showing off their undeniable chops. Eventually Electric Radio Kings pull out all the stops towards the last stretch with everything simply careening off with such grace.


“Grabbing at a Distant Star” shows off the impressive chops of Electric Radio Kings, with a soulful message that resonates long after the music ends.

By Chris Habers