Surprise EP Release By Malia

It’s all about Malia’s feel good vibes. After returning from her West Coast tour with Syd and releasing singles, “Simple Things” & “Dirty Laundry Ft. Syd,” Malia decided to surprise fans with the early release of Late Bloomer. The new EP shines with her newfound confidence and is felt throughout with soothing vocals and rhythmic charm. The Los Angeles based singer/songwriter has been a presence since she released her first single, “Satisfaction,” in 2015. She has since collaborated with friends, peers, and The Internet to evolve both personally and musically.

“I truly am at a point now where I am embracing my journey at every step of the way. Because when I first started doing music, I would get frustrated. I would think, “Aw I wish I could play this already and I wish I was doing these things already.” But, it’s not about that. It’s about every day appreciating where you are, what you have, and being grateful. I’ve started to embrace that more in my [new] mentality. So, I feel good, I feel calm, and along the way I’ll just appreciate each day.”