New Video By Ace Harper “Neon Heart”

An electro-punk siren with fashion forward style, a razor sharp pen, and art rock ambition, Ace Harper immediately commands attention. You could say her magnetism nods to the likes of Iggy Pop and Siouxsie and the Banshees, but she wields a certain je ne sais quoi all her own, seamlessly merging music, dance, and visuals together. As a result, her 2017 debut brings a new rhythm to 21st-century music. “It’s a mixture of a lot of different genres,” she says, noting that “There’s definitely a punk attitude, but there’s a new fresh electronic undercurrent. There’s no specific category. I want to invite everybody to the party.”

Ace tells Jane Smith Agency that art “has always saved me” and that her goal “is always to say something that I really care about and to love the song.” But art, to her, is a multi-faceted experience: she’s a visual artist and loves fashion, telling Galore that “I want my show to be a full experience from the songs, to the performance to the fashion. It all tells a story of who I am.”

The “Neon Heart” video is a collage of provocative imagery: a cornucopia of bright colors that light up Ace’s stark white wardrobe and hair. With so much going on around her it’s her pigment-less wardrobe that has her standing out against the collage of colors and imagery dominating the background. Naturally, there is a healthy dose of neon lights adding another layer of energy. “Neon Heart” is retro glam while being modern and catchy enough to please any viewer.