Dru Cutler – ‘Bring Close The Distance’

Dru Cutler’s “Bring Closer The Distance” taps into the best of heartfelt rock, with a sense of wonder and awe with the world. Sung with true grit and soul, the pieces have an intimacy to them. Things are kept to the essentials, as the warm sound of the guitars intermingled with the steady emotionally-charged drums washes over the listener. Volume deserves the highest possible setting for these songs demand to be felt in full. Reminiscent of bands like The War On Drugs and Wilco, there is something that feels so real and so vital throughout the entire journey.

Audio: http://www.drucutler.com/oceanside

Things begin with a driving rhythm on the dreamy scope of “Oceanside”. Neatly tying in elements of the world as viewed from a person’s life, there is something that feels so universal about the piece. Full of hope the message delves into one of togetherness, of bringing people closer. Observations of the constant flux of the world allows it a poignancy of sorts. By letting the song build up, it touches upon elements of indie rock, folk, and even chamber pop courtesy of the gorgeous string work. A slinky groove takes hold on the mystical waltz of “Dance Me To The End Of Love”. With a playful sly quality, the track unfurls into something all-encompassing. The B side “Dance Me To The End Of love” is actually a famous Leonard Cohen cover song. You can hear the original version here:

By opting for such a classic sound, Dru Cutler’s “Bring Closer The Distance” lingers in the mind, with a sense of defiance and independence.


By Krista Thomas