New Portals release video for new song ‘Sober’

New Portals have today released the video for their new song ‘Sober’, taken from their highly acclaimed new EP, Golden Hour.

The video features New Portals’ Ruth Aicken dancing among a kaleidoscopic wave of visuals. The song celebrates the very real option of enjoying sobriety, which finds Ruth singing, “I like to party when we’re sober” in her hypnotic hushed coo. The song is awash with beautiful acoustic guitar intertwined with slow-jam electronics.

Regarding the new single New Portals say, “‘Sober’ is about your ‘desert island friend’, the friend where you would be perfectly entertained if you were stuck on a desert island with them. No need for external help to have fun, ‘Sober’ is a celebration of this type of bond that we all need.”