Söur Bruthers – ‘Söur Bruthers’

Söur Bruthers offer the best of Americana with the raw grit and soul of their self-titled debut. Featuring a muscular western twang, they craft entire stories from a life lived to the absolute fullest. With a sound that at times feels reminiscent of Tom Petty’s best work, the songs come through absolutely swinging. Beats hit hard and the riffs possess a great physicality to them, as they refuse to let up for anything. Layer upon layer of sound is applied with almost a painterly precision for everything comes together in a vast whirlwind.


On the opener “Sinkin’ Down” Söur Bruthers demand the highest possible volume. The buildup has a great majesty to it, as the choir and fanfare work wonders in creating a crazed chaotic universe. A great optimism helps drive the glorious rush of “Better Days” forward, from the careening organ work to the fantastic guitar solos that are peppered within the giddy track. Going for a more stripped down, intimate approach is the yearning spirit of “3 a.m.”. With a playful quality “All I Want” goes for a celebratory atmosphere, as guitars unfurl with a defiant air. Slowing things down to a fantastic dirge is the heavy riffing of “Wash Away”, by far the highlight of the collection. Determination defines the track while it pounds away with a clear-eyed intensity. Closing everything off with the utmost of style is the wild “Release Me”.

With their self-titled debut, Söur Bruthers create a classic, with thought-provoking lyricism and an absolute joy for the world.


By Chris Hemson