Scandi Felin Stunning New ’21st Century’ Video

The new ’21st Century’ official video by the Scandi audio-visual act called FELIN is worthy of watching at least once, regardless of one’s personal music taste!

The track, done by FELIN, as well as footage, also done by FELIN, represents western society’s people at this moment, living in the age of (supposedly more now than before) opportunity, equality, insight, freedom, technical and spiritual advancement, self-awareness and possibility.

Yet people are still unhappy, lost, scared as well as too busy trying to be cool, vain, fake, too preoccupied with socials, partying and escaping reality.

FELIN are mocking themselves in this rather critical yet still very artistic outlook on the emptiness of our youth today by asking a question:

‘In our day and age, are we really just a wasted and shallow generation of actors, hipsters and pretenders who stand for ‘likes’ more than truth?’

Now, what do YOU think?