Feder collaborates with Rankin and Make Up For Ever

Fresh off the back of his debut EP release last week, Feder reveals the official music video for the lead single ‘Breathe’. Created through an exciting collaboration with British avant-garde photographer Rankin and Make Up For Ever, the production invites consumers to create their very own colour mixes in association with Make Up Forever and Artist Color Shadow, a collection of 124 new vibrant eye shadows.

“I always associate music with colors and emotions, which are at the core of my creative process”, explains Feder. “I’ve been very inspired by the infinite colour range of Artist Color Shadow. I love the concept of creating music inspired by the vibration of colors. I am thrilled to work with Make Up For Ever and to be part of the tribe.”

To create an impactful and vibrant music video, the brand has also collaborated with British avant-garde photographer Rankin. Speaking about the production, Rankin states: “From the moment I heard Feder’s track ‘Breathe’, I wanted to make a film for it. It’s an immediate dance classic. I love what Make Up For Ever are doing with this type of project. They’re putting the art back into make-up marketing.”