‘F.Y.C.C’ Video By Hella Rebelliön

2017 a hard-hitting rock outfit rose from the remnants of a train crash in Ålesunds dimly lit back alleys. Hella Rebelliön plays punk with references to several of the 21st century’s greatest Norwegian giants.

The tracks are steeped in a drive and aggressiveness that draws parallells to bands like Silver and Zugly. The vocalist Markus sounds like a pissed off Hank Von Helvete at his best/worst. This sonic sledgehammer plays music that spans from the almost metallic and hard with a heavy dose of energy.

Hella Rebellion consists of three members from the now extinct Long Lasting Train; Rune Nordheim, Sindre Brunes and Øystein Westrum. Joining them we have Markus Olausen (Happy Motherfuckers) on vocals and Espen Farstad (Stonewolf) on guitar.