Binx the Queen Bee of the South, East, and Soon to Be West Coast!

South African turned New Yorker Binx, has been known as the beautiful ‘African Bee” whose sting is ready to swell up the music scene, in particular pop music. As it goes for the artist Binx has released a few singles and videos taken from her album “Buzzed”, never letting go of the buzzy little bee business that has consumed her life, mind, and soul. With that said, Binx herself has taken some time to disclose the matters at hand, in regards to this album, and why being the bee of the hive A.K.A. Queen Bee is such a bug of a deal!

NP: Upon “The Hive” on your official website under the “Meet Binx” section, it says “South Africa’s beautiful “African Bee” with a sting ready to swell up pop music. Then goes onto to say that you’re a New Yorker, so are you from the U.S. or from South Africa?

I am originally from South Africa, but I have always been a New Yorker at heart! I have wanted to live here as far back as I can remember. I moved to New York four years ago but I will be moving to Los Angeles in January 2018.

NP: In a few of the photographs you have displayed your bee’s attire in the form of coloring or floral get-up. But have you actually draped yourself in actual bee attire, as in an actual costume of a bee or worn bee antenna’s?

Yes, this is how I became known as, “The African Bee.” Dressing in a bee leotard was a marketing tool I used around the open mic and live music scene in Manhattan in order to get people to remember me. It is easier for people to identify with a character, especially in a city crawling with raw undiscovered talent. I have never worn antenna’s but I have designed my own wings and worn them to complement my bee outfit on stage, living out my childhood dreams of becoming a Victoria’s Secret model I guess! Ha.

I dress as my alter ego in all live performances, including my music video for, “Radiohead.”

NP: Why the name Binx and is that your stage name or real namesake?

Binx is a nickname my brother gave me growing up. I was named Bianca at Birth, after Bianca Jagger (Mick Jagger’s ex wife.) as my dad is a Rolling Stones nut, as I am now too. I like to think of Binx as my creative counterpart and Bianca is who I really am, stripped.

NP: “Paradise” and “Feels So Good”, were both taken off your album “Buzzed” as singles and or video choices, why so? What is it about these particular tracks that stood out to you, that they had to become single releases and videos as well?

“Paradise” was originally just a single I wanted to release for the summer of 2017, I didn’t actually have plans to include it on the album. But a close friend of mine said it would be the only track not included on a physical copy so I mostly did it for my friends rather than anything else.

“Feels So Good” was just my choice of the most unique and commercial song off of the album.

NP: Will there be any other songs to receive the single and or music video treatment, as these other tracks has gotten?

There will be no more singles for “Buzzed.” As for videos, I’m not sure, I may do a simple video for one of the songs but nothing planned as of yet.

NP: “Buzzed”, is your debut full-length album, in which these singles commence, so tell me about this album, it is still hot off the presses, being released just a few months ago, so tell me the buzz?

The album is extremely emotional, addressing many forms of heartbreak. “Jack Flash” is a song about my Dad. The reason I became a musician was because of him. “Scream” is a song of protest against society and I wrote the song “Like a Wave” in the middle of the ocean while my ex was diving.

New Yorker Feature:

NP: Why go with that title “Buzzed”, why use the theme of a bee, for this album as of sorts?

2016 was the most difficult year of my life. I wanted to give up a career in music as a result of it. The emotions, exhaustion and devastation left me feeling, “Buzzed.” I came off the highest high to my lowest low. Almost the way you feel after a really epic night with the most dreadful hangover the next day but a zillion times worse.

NP: Does the bee symbolize the whole career that is Binx or just in reference to this certain release?

It represents my whole career and my entire being and will be carried along with me until I no longer feel attached to it, which I don’t think will ever happen because it’s the creative and whimsical parts of me which dominates most of who I am.

NP: Since the topic of the bee is a buzz, it was again used in your debut EP “The African Bee” as well. How else do you plan to take and or use the theme that is the bumble bee? Will you be sticking to that bee or branch out to other bee’s as well?

“The African Bee” is my alter ego, therefore it’s just a play on the bee theme. I am not one thing or one type, I am forever evolving, creating and discovering. Kind of how “Ziggy Stardust” is to David Bowie, or Nicki Minaj “Roman Zolanski.”

NP: What is it about this bug the bee that just “gets you” so much so, that you had to take it and go with it in terms of your music and lifestyle by the looks of it.

I was stung three times in the foot by bees growing up (which is my lucky number) and they often just kept popping up and good things would happen. It became my good omen and when I was 10 I wanted a logo like The Rolling Stones tongue, so I came up with the Bee as my name started with B.

NP: Can you tell me a little bit about the “Save The Bees” project, what’s the deal?

I reached out to Environment New York this year (2017) and asked if I could donate 3% of my physical album sales of my album, “Buzzed” to help save the Bees, because they are endangered. Without them, we wouldn’t exist.

NP: When it comes down to the whole bee ordeal, do you know all there is to know about them?

I don’t think you can ever know all there is to know about anything. But I know enough about them to know they are my spirit animal and to know I want to help save them. They communicate through dance as do I.

NP: Whilst “Buzzed” is still fairly new, have you had the chance to come up with any new music, in terms of following up to that release or nothing quite yet?

Yes! I write so much music all the time, it comes so naturally to me. I have a huge catalogue both pre and post the new album! I am currently deciding which songs to record next and whether they will be in the form of singles or an album next year!

NP: What does Binx the bee have planned for the rest of this year, leading right into this next year?

Finishing up press in New York this November, then I have a press tour in South Africa in December and then I head to Los Angeles in January! Very excited about all the travels.

NP: Would you like to say anything else as we wrap-up?

“Half your life is what you do with it, the other half is who you with while you’re doing it.” I took that from my brother. But basically, pursue your own passions but don’t forget about the people who support you. You’re going to want them to be around for that celebratory glass of champagne!

NP: Thanks for the interview, final words go!

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By: Natalie Perez