Amilia K Spicer – ‘Love’s For Living’

Amilia K Spicer is a renowned American singer and songwriter from the early nineties, who has enchanted her audience with her amazing writing and singing skills. A native of Pennsylvania, Spicer is a well-trained pianist who had moved away from home to Los Angeles CA to seek her dream of becoming a film director.

Later in the course of her life, her dreams changed and finally, she identified her true talent in the music world. By the mid-nineties, she formed a band with guitarist Geen Asken, the bassist Tom Felicita and Christopher Allis as the drummer. From that time onwards she has delivered many magical melodies along with her debut album ‘Like An Engine’ and series of other published albums.

Among her list of a variety of memorable songs, ‘Love’s For Living’ is a famous soulful track that has beautifully engraved her fans for her engaging talent of songwriting. The song ‘Love’s For Living’ is a cheerful melodious number which brings the glory and excitement of the setting winter. A light-hearted song with simple lyrics gives the heart a joyous beat with its engaging musical association.

Spicer’s sweet and pleasant voice breaks through the spontaneous progressive aura of the song as her written lyrics evoke the enchanting snowflakes, the playful snowman and the beauty of celebrating Christmas.

The background music of the song is mostly based on the basics of country folk which enhances the tune and harmony of this rhythmic melody. Spicer has sung the song in her calm and smooth vocals which evolves a strong sense of peace in the listener’s mind. Just as everyone awaits the onset of Christmas which always rejuvenates the souls by giving a break to their regular routine and gives everyone a reason to live, the song effectively leaves a similar sense of freshness and life.

Spicer does write what she follows and ‘Love’s For Living’ is the best example to prove the beauty of the same. The background score though kept simple the catchy beat can easily provoke any listener to tap feet with its beat. It’s no wonder why The National Academy of Songwriters had chosen her for the female artist of the year award.

The song also involves a video which again efficiently establishes the feel Spicer had created so brilliantly. The video is produced by Aks and Edward Romero, mixed by McCormick Audio and mastered by Ron Boustead. The video features the elegant Spicer singing in between the beautiful snow-covered meadows.

The video displays Christmas, snow, cheerful penguins, decorations, dancing kids and everything that one feels with the first cold chilling wind of the season. Winter is a season of happiness, of festivals, of togetherness and this three-minute song and video do portray it diligently and effectively. Just as her other songs the audio and video quality of the song is clear and praiseworthy.

Amilia K Spicer has always proved herself with her immense talent and versatility. This very song of her could surely upgrade the expectations of any music lover to cherish the mood and encouraging melody of the song.

– Isabella Clark