Tactics For Making Your Next Music Gig A Hit

It’s difficult being a new artist and trying to break through into the music industry. You’re working long hours and don’t always know who to trust. You know you have special qualities and passion behind your music, so that’s why you keep at it.

Securing a music gig isn’t easy, and you should be proud of your accomplishment. Now that you’re fully committed to the opportunity, it’s up to you to make sure people show up and that it’s a successful evening. Take control and put measures in place that will help mold this into a reality for you. See tactics for making your next music gig a hit.

Word of Mouth

One way to connect with your audience members is to go find them and start a conversation. Talk yourself up as much as possible the days leading up to your show. Introduce yourself to strangers and fans in the area, and let them know the details of when and where you’re playing. Ask your family and friends to help spread the word for you and tell their networks about the event. You can’t be afraid to speak up and encourage others to share information about your gig.

Make A Poster

Create marketing collateral that will do the talking for you. Go online and use a poster design program to easily build your poster without any design skills necessary. This program offers a range of poster templates that you can use to create your own custom posters for sharing on social media and for print. Use your social media accounts as an outlet to post an image of your poster and hang printed copies in locations where you think potential audience members may be hanging out.

Ask the Venue to Help

Reach out to the venue and inquire about what type of advertising they’ll do for you. Ask them to list the event on their website, hang posters at the location and verbally remind customers on a regular basis that it’s coming up. It’s likely they’ll be happy to support an artist who’s playing for them and will have a marketing plan in place for spreading the word. Also, go to the venue yourself and talk to people who are hanging out about your upcoming gig.

Practice & Prepare

Although you have to market your show, don’t forget about the most important part of the night, which is you performing. Set aside a lot of time to practice and prepare for your big event. You want to feel confident and not have to worry about making silly mistakes. Even if you feel like you’re ready, continue to work at it and go over the songs and notes. You can never be too prepared for an evening where you’re the main performer.


Be proud that you booked a show for yourself and will get to showcase your work. Make sure it’s a large crowd by attending to your marketing responsibilities for the event. These are tactics for making your next music gig a hit.