Stellina Shares ‘Star Seventeen’ EP

Toronto’s Stellina was excited to share her debut full length release, Star Seventeen EP, on Friday, November 17, 2017. Delivering ethereal soprano vocals against an experimental backbeat produce by L-SPEX, Stellina is the most exciting artist spilling out of Toronto this year.

Stellina, named Justine Iaboni, is an established Canadian lifestyle blogger known as Jetset Justine. She grew up as a classically trained pianist and vocalist, but gave up music due to emotional abuse and discrimination when she was only 12 years old. She shied away from all things music because she didn’t want to face the pain from her past, so instead she channeled her creative energy into fashion and writing with her site

In 2017, Justine connected with Gabby Bernstein’s teachings and found within her spiritual journey the empty space in her soul that could only be filled by music. With the encouragement from L-SPEX, Justine was able to create in an open environment that helped her release those anxieties. Through her blog, Justine has shared her story with followers and continues to keep them engaged as she transitions from top Canadian influencer to full-time musician, Stellina.