Lose Body Fat in a Healthy Way: Intensive Workouts and Smart Diet

To drop the last couple of pounds and lose all the cellulite around your navel, you do not need to spend a bulk of the money. You just need to understand how your body works and why your belly seems to be the fat magnet. Unless you know the mechanisms that govern the fat accumulation and burning, you will never get the results you are hoping for.

Focus on high-intensity workouts

Without cardio and CrossFit, losing belly fat can be a challenging game. If you want to burn some fat fast, before the upcoming wedding, you may want to invest some time in:






Do aerobic exercises

Jogging and slow running are two of the best ways to challenge yourself and stimulate the utilisation of adipocytes. Even cycling helps to burn fat better than simple freehand exercises.

Freehand workouts are great for maintaining good joint mobility and range of movement. If you have old sprains and joint problems, freehand exercise every day is a must. However, if you want to burn more than 500 calories per day, you surely need to engage in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or very low-intensity cardio.

Sculpting your body, gaining muscle should be your focus

As fat burns and adipocytes melt, you will see your skin loosen. It can be a little disturbing at first, but thanks to the endless elasticity of your skin, it will snap right back in place after a couple of months (unless you manage to lose a whopping 40 pounds in that time). Gaining muscle mass in place of the fat will take some time and surely some help.

Find a great trainer who can help you with regular fat burning workouts, and when you are almost at your target weight, he or she should help you engage in muscle building regimens. During this time, you will benefit from taking anabolic steroids on a regular basis. Instead of harsh chemical, hormonal supplements that we have seen earlier in the market, the new steroids are natural. They are more of natural supplements. You can easily buy steroid UKonline with the help of verified reviews and ratings.

Focus on specific muscle groups each day

While you are doing your muscle building workouts, here are the main muscle groups you should be focusing on:





Triceps and biceps





Go for high-calorie diets

Contrary to what most of your friends and acquaintances will have you believe, to build healthy muscles and feel energetic all the time, you will need high-calorie food. Cut down on trans fats, carbohydrates and sugars. Increase your intake of PUFA and proteins on a daily basis.

The specific necessity of the diet makes steroids almost irreplaceable. Always opt for supplements that have minimal to no side effects. Do not forget to work on your abs every day after you are done with your circuits.