Ron Hamrick – ‘I Saw the Sign’

Sung with such tenderness, Ron Hamrick’s “I Saw the Sign” has a perfect autumnal quality to it. The intimate approach works well as Ron Hamrick keeps things to the absolute essentials. With only a synthesizer, piano, and guitar leading the way, the arrangement has a warmth to it. By far the true highlight comes from Ron Hamrick assuring, soothing vocals. His voice rests at the very heart of it all, while the lyrics tell a lovely tale of how he discovered someone truly special. Indeed, it is the highly intricate detail that allows the story to truly resonate.

A nostalgic hue introduces the piece. From there the song begins to sweep up with a profoundly romantic tale. The focus upon a someone, a stranger who became something more, feels truly optimistic. By choosing to incorporate such exquisite moments of the encounter Ron Hamrick makes a love song that possesses such soul. Honesty allows the song to unfold in such a majestic fashion. Layer upon layer of sound intermingle with such grace, at times feeling nearly classical with its delightful take on chamber pop. Evolution of the song happens with such patience allowing every single nuance of the sound to truly shine. Compassion gives the track a soulful air. Towards the final stretch of the piece everything simply fades out with in a luxurious air.

Ron Hamrick proves to be an impressive storyteller with the poignant narrative of “I Saw the Sign”.

By Morgan Trust