Rev Peter Unger – ‘Requiem for a Weary Soul’

Rev Peter Unger’s reassuring “Requiem for a Weary Soul” offers a kind of graceful salvation. Exploring the concept of faith, Rev Peter Unger incorporates a fine knack for storytelling with these miniature vignettes. Throughout the piece the way everything twists and turns gives it a timeless, classic quality. Guitar work features a perfect mixture of both the folksy acoustic quality alongside a western twang to the overall proceedings. What ties these many stylistic flourishes together into a satisfying whole is the power of Rev Peter Unger’s soulful voice. Tapping into a universal hope and desire for togetherness, Rev Peter Unger sings in a way that indicates there is something more, something greater worth striving for, because faith truly can be a challenge yet ultimately a rewarding one.


Joyous guitar work introduces the piece. A deep bass helps to serve as a languid groove begins to take hold. Rev Peter Unger’s voice rises above it as he offers a respite from the tumult that can often overwhelm a life. Sparkling acoustic guitar at times resembles that of a star shining out in the night sky. Rather blissful, the track delves into ever kinder pastures. The journey to find peace in life becomes of the utmost importance while the rest of the track builds up into a most fantastic finale.


With “Requiem for a Weary Soul” Rev Peter Unger creates a dreamy, imaginative world one whose spaciousness hints at a greater power and a better state of being.

By Beach Sloth