Larry Kolker – ‘Dog Year’

Sung with great soul, Larry Kolker offers a refreshing additional to the great singer-songwriter tradition with the powerful “Dog Year”. With a great ear for melody the arrangements feel positively energetic. Attention to detail means that these narratives feel akin to seeing a glimpse of a life being lived to the absolute fullest. Instrumentally rich Larry Kolker makes sure everything feels perfectly balanced. The stylistic gamut runs from a western twang to elements of indie rock, folk with even a hint of reggae coming into the mix. A sense of humor and playful ties the entirety of the album together.


Things start out with a hushed reverence on the delicate “Fool Sometimes”. With highly intricate lyrics “Socialist Queen” opts for a bluesy quality, courtesy of the fantastic harmonica. Sun-soaked with a mellowed-out groove “Two Turtles” chooses a reflective spirit to pursue. Piano leads the way on the tender tones of “Just the Right Way” while the song unfolds in a glorious rush of color. Stripping things down to the absolute essentials “DJ in Heaven” comes straight from the heart. Giddiness defines the soulful “American Girl”. Crafting a 70s style groove the whirlwind of “Valerie” serves as the highlight of the album. Larry Kolker incorporates a little bit of funk and jazz fusion into the mix, letting the piece absolutely glisten. Ending the album on a meditative note “Less Alone” opts for a great deal of intimacy.

“Dog Year” shows off Larry Kolker’s undeniable chops, creating a sound that feels timeless and infinitely tasteful.

By Max Orion