Bedroom Decoration Ideas for The Modern Home Owner

Home decor is not just about wallpaper, drapes, flooring, and paint. It is also about smaller pieces of furniture that steal the limelight every time you turn the light on or pull the curtains back. It is about the little details that define each room and add oodles of comfort to functionality.

Your bedroom is more than just another room

The bedroom is a lot more than only the bed. The design, finish, and the bedding does have a considerable role to play, but that is not all. Smaller accent furniture pieces like the footstool, ottoman, antique dresser and mirror designs, rustic cabinets and compact bedside tables add to complete the essence of a warm and cozy bedroom.

Your Bedroom furniture should represent your personality and your personal choices. It should reflect your personal taste along with your ability to make smart decisions. Even a small vase or an aquarium can speak a lot about your aesthetics and the choices you make as a human being. Ornate candle holders and antique wall hangings are lovely style statements for all kinds of modern bedrooms.

Finding Balance: The Preoccupation of Home Decor

A successful home decor strickes a balance between appeal and convenience. Home decoration is not all about making the house beautiful and stunning; it is important to consider its usability for its current or prospective occupant. When choosing colors, you refer to study and research on topics likes physcology and the effect they have on people; the role of wall arts in coordinating and setting the ambiance of a room; and, the best furniture arrangement  for optimal experience

Check this article for ways to combine aethestic and functionality.

How to make your bedroom look big?

Furniture for your bedroom needs to be compact, yet roomy. Your cabinets and wardrobes need space for your extra throw pillows and bed covers. You can add cane boxes under your bed to accommodate your additional quilts and AC blankets, to keep your mattress clean and flush during the day. Always remember to keep the clutter out of eyesight, to help your bedroom appear bigger than it is.

If possible, use long mirrors on the surface of the attached bathroom door and on the adjacent walls to increase the sense of space. Mirrors always make a room appear bigger in size, and it reflects the natural light, to keep the room much brighter during the daytime. It brings us to a crucial point. Most modern bedrooms are opting for lighter colors to keep the ambiance vibrant. Lighter walls, natural light, and mirrors can work wonders to transform your small bedroom into a luxury repose.

A study in colors

Lighter and warmer hues go well in rooms that face the east. If your bedroom has more windows to the south, you can choose any warm or refreshing color. The bright southern light always brings out the best in all hues. The north facing rooms tend to do better with bolder colors with softer accents. The northern light is much softer, and that causes stronger colors to look better throughout the day. If your room faces the west, you get the best light during the evening. You may want to stick to brighter and happier color tones for keeping your room looking lively throughout the day.

Choose your furniture color depending on the color of the walls and the drapes. If your room has a lot of cool hues, you may want to create a much-needed disruption by opting for a warm tone for your accent furniture. It may be risky, but the results say, it is entirely worth it for creating a signature bedroom style. You can check out if you are looking for wooden bed frames with the perfect style and comfort.