A Beginner Musician’s Guide to Using iTunes for Marketing

ITunes is the top digital retailer online. They enable people all over the world to purchase and download apps, video, and music. They also partner with Apple Music, which provides music streaming services. Sales on iTunes is now a good indicator that many people look to for gauging your popularity. If youre a musician trying to gain some credibility and grow a following, marketing yourself and your music on iTunes is the way to go. Here are some tips for getting more exposure.

Getting on ITunes

Note that getting on iTunes isnt simple. Every aspiring artist isnt welcome to just upload and sell whatever they want. There are several criteria you must meet before Apple will let you start selling, such as a minimum amount of albums and a UPC (Universal Product Code) for each song. However, there are services known as aggregators who can carry out the process for you. They may charge in various ways depending on the service, such as a per-song or per-album charge, annual fees, and/or percentage of sales. To streamline the process at both ends, Apple recommends using one of their approved aggregators.

Start Marketing

iTunes is a great marketing tool even for non-music-related companies like Nu Skin. Put a link to your iTunes page everywhere you can. You can get a website very cheaply to promote your band or yourself as an artist. Be sure your iTunes link is prominently placed, and show the word iTunes in the link so people recognize at once that its a purchase link to your music. Use the same link as much as possible in your social media accounts, personal emails, and printed materials for upcoming gigs. Encourage your fans to share the link. Stress your iTunes presence wherever and whenever possible.

Let Your Music Sell Itself

You should also include audio clips in your digital content. Not full songs, but just 15 to 20-second recordings of your music so that anybody can listen to it. This can help to improve your sales on iTunes by engaging visitors with your music first. You could even play a repeating medley of these recordings on a loop as the background music for your webpage. People that like your sound from this quick sampling will be much more likely to click on the iTunes button with the intention of buying.

Get Subscribers

You need to engage those who like your music but arent quite ready to buy. Invite visitors to your website to sign up for an email list. Take advantage of personalized email software to create and distribute newsletters about upcoming events and releases, talk about your iTunes activity, and discuss your song writing or musical inspirations as an artist. You want to make a positive connection at a personal level, and keep them interested. You could also offer a song or longer samplings as a free gift. Quote your own song titles or lyrics. Always include your iTunes link and a brief, friendly request that they forward it to others.

Learn Social Media Marketing

Never forget that youre selling yourself and your music as a product. While you may be concerned about being authentic or preserving artistic integrity, youre still a marketer. Spend some time on social media to find out what people who like your genre of music appreciate most. Experiment with several social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest to see which works best. Be prepared to answer questions and ask for feedback. Your audio, images, and video should always be of high quality. Disappointing your followers is not going to drive traffic to your iTunes page.

Just launching an iTunes page is not going to guarantee you legions of fans or soaring income. It may be the most popular, but its still only a digital platform. Selling is up to you. There will be times when your marketing must take priority over your music.