Saycille – “Wish”

Sung straight from the heart, Saycille offers a poignant take on the importance of relationships with the powerful “Wish”. Throughout “Wish” Saycille taps into a classic pop sound, featuring irresistible hooks and an infectious rhythm that help carry the track along. By far though the true soul of the piece rests with the incredible vocals that seemingly rise above everything. Full of hope, these lyrics focus on the yearning that often embodies many relationships: how the desire ought to be equal between two people, whether they are romantically involved or just simply friends. Over the course of the track Saycille draws from a wide variety of stylistic flourishes, drawing from the best of balladry while including moments of electronica and folk into a lovely whole.

Not a moment is wasted as the song begins in earnest. Percussion introduces the track and from there the entire piece comes into bloom. Guitar and synthesizer weave themselves together in such a satisfyingly sweet fashion. Such gorgeous color comes into the mix, with layer upon layer of sound working wonders. Melodies glisten as Saycille at times veers into almost a cinematic scope, increasing in both volume and intensity. The song truly grows in scope, evolving and building up with such majesty towards the fantastic finale. Upon the inclusion of the chorus the song simply soars into the sky with such grace.

On “Wish” Saycille creates a timeless song, one whose universal themes feel so inviting and so very real.

By Max Dupont