The Royal Turns – ‘On the Run’

“On the Run” presents a track that feels truly lived in, tender in tone and revealing the Royal Turns to be true masters of a dreamy world. With a sound that feels reminiscent of a reflective moonlit night there is something quite graceful about the way they let the song unfold. Everything simply works, from the spacious quality of the guitar to the gentle rhythms to the delicate vocals that lead the mix. Poetry truly defines the entirety of the piece for the vocals have a highly articulate thoughtful quality to them. Stylistically the Royal Turns neatly combines folk and chamber pop into a satisfying mix, resulting in something that feels so intimate and familiar.

Graceful acoustic guitar work introduces the piece. Quite quickly the rest of the track falls into place. A languid rhythm anchors the piece. Lots of colors filter into the piece almost akin to a symphony of quiet sounds. The vocalist sings with such spirit as her lyrics have a longing quality to them. Calm in tone and tenor, the track grows with great patience. Evolution occurs in a naturalistic, almost pastoral fashion. By choosing such a path the entire piece unfolds with such thoughtfulness. Allowing all this to happen with careful pacing results in a world that feels so soothing, so compelling. For the final stretch the entire song simply fades away in a glorious hue.

With “On the Run” the Royal Turns go for a rather creative, compelling sound one that feels all-consuming.

By Beach Sloth