How Skinny People Can Build Muscle Fast?

When you are skinny and nothing seems to work out for adding bulk, you can end up with a major image problem that might affect your self-confidence. It is vital that you eat right while working out. Some tips that will let you build your muscles and put on weight super-fast:

Focus on Building Muscles

Muscle building is the result of a process called protein synthesis. The greater the rate of protein synthesis the faster and bigger your muscles grow. However, the body is also continually breaking down proteins for various purposes, manufacturing hormones being one of the more important. This means that you will have to consume and store proteins at a faster pace for the muscle buildup to happen. Try to eat a protein-rich diet; this means at least 1g of protein for every pound you weigh per day. The best sources of protein are meat, poultry, dairy products, soy, and legumes. Apart from the recommended amount of protein, you also need to focus on your calorie intake; you will need to eat carbs and fats to cover what the protein does not provide. You can try some of the popular anabolic androgenic steroids for sale if your trainer gives you green signal.

Concentrate on Working out Your Bigger Muscles

For a skinny guy who has now started eating right, any sort of exercise will start paying dividends as protein synthesis will be increased. However, by focusing on the right exercises you will be able to build your biggest muscles faster; these include the chest, legs, and the back. To get the best results, add to your workout exercises like squats, pull ups, deadlifts, bench presses, military presses, bent-over rows and similar exercises. It is advisable to do only two to three exercise sets with 8-12 reps but do allow a minute’s rest in between. Muscle building happens faster when you allow your body adequate rest, so make it a point to perform full-body workouts on alternate days only to allow your muscles to grow.

Consume a Pre-Workout Shake

You will be able to get better results if you have a shake fortified with carbs and amino acids before starting your workout. According to a University of Texas study, having the shake 30 to 60 minutes before working out is far better than having it afterward. The shake comprises 35 grams of carbs and 6 grams of amino acids that are the essential elements of proteins that facilitate muscle building. According to scientists, the reason why having the shake before working out is better because the body is able to take in more of the amino acids due to the increased flow of blood to the tissues while working out. Indulge in a carbohydrate-rich diet on the days you are working for better muscle bulking results.


Eat a number of small meals during the day instead of the conventional three main ones. Not eating frequently can also restrict the rate of new protein growth in the body. Always make sure that you are adequately hydrated.


Author Bio: Samantha Connors is a nutritionist who specializes in advising people who are building their bodies. She recommends anabolic androgenic steroids for sale as supplements to a protein-rich diet for faster results.