Shofar – ‘Running’

Running is a song that begins soft and gradually picks up. In this way the song itself seems to be running. Why the running is occurring doesn’t seem to be specified however they are definitely creating that feeling you get on a jog. Creating a feeling in a song is something which is difficult and does not occur in music often anymore. It makes a level of interesting that really should be experienced. Their website does even more to draw listeners in.

This song has a soft sounding beginning that gradually increases. The effect that is created makes the genre somewhat hard to guess from early on in the song. Also this gradually increasing intro works well with the title, Running. The repeating fast paced nature of what they are creating feels like act of running. To create this feeling so early on in the song is quite a feat; it makes the piece into a real work of art. The sound that is used to make the intro gradually more intense is also used later on in the song, creating a real sense of continuity. Vocals set in at later parts of the song. These vocals work to set apart the intro, as well as the addition of the guitar. These additions also really make the piece sound like a rock style song. The repeating descending sound is almost techno sounding. It adds a different and interesting layer to the song.

Streaming via Bandcamp:

Shofar has an interesting webpage, with what looks like a corkboard background or perhaps it’s cardboard. It makes for an interesting approachable layout, which works with the rock style music. Their band photo can also be found on their website. It has a blue hue and all the band members are wearing blue jeans. The blue also works to make the band approachable. The guitarists are pictured with their guitars and the rest of the band has no instruments pictured with them. The photo is faded in parts and appears wrinkled. Three of the band members are looking at the camera, one is looking away and the final band member is looking at his fellow band mates. The site also has more info on the band, such as their location. The band is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and with further research one can discover what the name Shofar means. It is a Jewish traditional horned instrument and it is considered pretty important in the practice of Judaism.

Shofar is a band with a lot of different levels which they are working from. This makes them very interesting and entertaining. Their instrumentals and vocals for their song all join forces to make the feeling of taking a run. Thus Running is an appropriately named song which is a work of art because the way running is being portrayed. Also the band’s website contains their photo and the rest of the songs from their album. It is really worth checking out considering just how much the band has going for them.