Emily Curtis New Single ‘Battleshade’

The debut EP from singer songwriter Emily Curtis, Hindsight, is a five-track call to bravery with resilient melodies and dynamic refrains prompting feelings of triumph and vigor. The first single, “Battleshade”, is a pulse of rolling percussion and soulfully drifting vocals directly on the frontline. She unfailingly presents her audience with messages of empowerment and self-acceptance. Hindsight is due out November 10.

The instrumentation and the vocals are not the only aspect of “Battleshade” that induce a revitalizing adrenaline rush. The lyrics evoke all women, past, present and future, in a rallying call against the discriminating tone that says “you can’t.” Curtis wrote the song as a response to her own insecurities as well as a lack of support she felt from some of the people in her life. Each word was like a jab that made her more insecure about pursuing music. She explains that difficult inspiration, “Remember me. Say you will. I’ll leave a mark. It won’t fade. It’s such a bold statement to make about yourself, but singing those phrases does something in me that makes me feel brave.” Curtis uses lipstick as a metaphor, as her war paint becomes a “weapon in hand in the color respect demands.” With a swelling bridge that crescendos into a hair-raising isolated stanza at the pinnacle, the final chorus stampedes towards the coda like a battalion of unified women.

Photo By: Randi Katheryn Photography