STONE MOB – “Guaranteed (Betty)”

Stone Mob goes for a wild unhinged attitude on “Guaranteed (Betty)”. Volume deserves to be blasted for this is a sound that needs to be felt as much as heard. Guitar work feels outright insane, while the riffs have a raw quality to them, revealing an impressive degree of chops. The vocals and lyrics further emphasize this spirit while the song rushes through with absolute joy. Nicely drawing from the best of classic hard rock the entire thing simply rules, from the way they incorporate great dollops of humor into the proceedings to the way they carefully craft an entire story. Narrative forms with each additional pound of the drums. Physicality reigns supreme from the stream of consciousness storytelling to the way that they make sure every single note becomes fully felt.

Not a moment is wasted for Stone Mob dive headfirst into the thick of all of it. When the first guitar note hits the song careens uncontrollably. Only the rhythm manages to try and keep things focused, while all else refuses to simply sit still. Percussion hits hard and helps to give the piece the extra needed punch the lyrics truly deserve. Exploration of the world at large results in the song gaining a rather soothing, almost celebratory quality. Towards the latter half of the track things increasingly become more and more chaotic until it ends in a fevered pitch.

With “Guaranteed (Betty)” Stone Mob delves into a weird, wonderful world one that feels positively vital.

By Billy Wilson