New Video By justdoitBRISK “Flashin'”

On April Fool’s Day in 1991, a star was born- and that’s no joke. A native of Jacksonville, Florida, Jonathan “Brisky” McGowan has had a love of music since he was young. There’s no surprise there: from a young age he watched his father Jay Ski (of 69 Boyz, Chill Deal, Quad City DJs, and 95 South) become a star. Brisky began hanging out in studios, watching music videos, and seeing the moves made by people like Michael Jackson and producers like Timbaland and Pharell. Though shy as a kid, he was never hesitant in front of an audience, becoming larger than life when in front of a crowd.

justdoitBRISK is not only a rapper and singer, he’s a producer as well. A perfectionist and student of the art of hiphop, he strives to make music outside the box, saying “It’s only insanity until it works.” His first national single is “Flashin'”, a song in the style of “hip hop music the younger people are listening to now, sorta on the Rae Sremmurd, Young Thug club style.”

It seems fitting that the “Flashin'” video is full of technicolor lighting, as justdoitBRISK proclaims that “My life is so cinematic”. He wears a metallic suit and is surrounded by women covered in silver body paint and jewels who lust over each other as he raps his lyrics- first from on top of an old TV and later from on top of a police car. The “Flashin'” video was directed by Marty McFly and the visual is on par with any major artist today.