SYBS – ‘Motivation’

SYBS’s “Motivation” positively shines with a message of inspiration and confidence. Over the course of the track SYBS neatly incorporate elements of R&B, hip-hop, pop resulting in a story that touches the very heart. Vocals have a silky-smooth quality to them, one that perfectly rides the easy-going grooves. Melodies possess a light and airy touch to them, as they are filled with a summery spirit to them. By balancing these impulses SYBS chooses a carefree attitude as the piece evolves with such grace. Every single sound opts for a polished focus one that chooses crystal clarity. Right in the very heart of everything rests the simply stunning vocals, which have a meditative mood to them.

Things start off on a quiet note, opting for a reflection. Upon building up with such patience the song bursts forth with tremendous energy. When this energy becomes fully released the way it delves into a funky presence feels particularly earned. Bass takes front and center stage while the percussion equally hits hard, creating a vast sea of sound. Layer upon layer comes together in almost a painterly sort of fashion. Volume deserves to be blasted for it is a work that ought to be felt as much as heard. Gradually the track delves deep into finding one’s own inner strength and motivations to great effect, allowing the entire piece to work itself up into a glorious frenzy of activity.

“Motivation” displays the infinite confidence and deft skill of SYBS in crafting something that feels so welcoming.

By Thomas Jalal