Shauna Burns – “Scarborough Fair”

Shauna Burns brings back the magic of classical ballad with her new single release, ‘Scarborough Fair.’ Listen and enjoy the music.

Shauna Burns, a seasoned singer, songwriter, and pianist from the high mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah, rejuvenates the charm of a classic ballad in her newly released single ‘Scarborough Fair,’ on the sixth of October 2017, by the Red Rock Music. Shauna has recreated this classical English ballad through her own Celtic twist.

Brought up in Miami, Florida, Shauna holds a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Utah. Her passion in piano was engraved by her mother during her early childhood days while her inspiration for music came from innovative artists like Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos.

Her knowledge in Anthropology also influences her musical lyrics which takes inspiration from various cultures, customs, and human relations. Her creations showcase motivation from landscapes, mountains, and deserts of the western U.S.

Shauna had started her career ten years back when she had released her first album, ‘Every Thought’. The album had unfolded the path towards her evolving career in indie music. Her mesmerizing voice and accomplished piano notes have always charmed her audience across various places of United States.

‘Scarborough Fair’ is an age-old traditional English ballad about Yorkshire, a town in Scarborough, Canada. The original song relates to a series of impossible tasks given by a man to his former lover to prove her true love for him. Later the song had been rewritten several times with another set of incredible tasks as a reply from the female to the man.

Retaining the shape of a classical ballad the song had never really failed to spread its charm even after years. Shauna has shown her natural skills and drafted her insight into a new version of this song.

The music is kept soft and soothing while empathizing particularly on the repeated sections. The elegant piano notes glide gracefully through the song as the Celtic harp generates an ethereal atmosphere alluring the audience into a harmonious spell.

Shauna portrays her wide range of voice quality effectively while she transits from the high pitched notes towards the soft and gentle tone. Shauna implements her special Celtic infused style of music to sail through this melodious journey as she takes the song considerably slow, rendering the impact of the traditional ballad.

Shauna Burns has used the least number of the instrumental backdrop for this single but still, keeps the song rich and alive with the delightful piano notes and Shauna’s mellifluous vocal tone. The piano arrangement right at the beginning of the song evokes a serene atmosphere as Shauna’s warm and tuneful voice accompanies to preserve the symphony of this dreamy number.

Just like the beginning, the song doesn’t just end with Shauna’s voice fading away into the beautiful meadows. The skillful piano arrangement at the end sweeps to a slow feeble note which keeps the mind of the audience lured for a long time even after the song has ended.

Shauna Burns has beautifully portrayed this classic ballad in her own unique way which is sure to lure any music lover.

-Tony Hunt