Premiere: Hideaway Release New Video “Nothin On Me”

We here @skopemag are so excited to bring you the exclusive premiere of the new video by Hideaway titled – “Nothin On Me.” Their debut single, “Nothin’ on Me,” a song that showcases the powerful voice of singer Bree Rose propelled by irresistible guitar hooks and a body-moving groove. The video for “Nothin’ on Me” is a musical masterpiece directed by award-winning Rock Davis of Itchy House Films whose client list includes Atlantic Records, Universal Music Group, Def Jam Recordings, and Bad Boy Entertainment among numerous other industry heavyweights. We have not only got the video here but we also got to chat with the band about so much in a very revealing Q&A session as well.

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and what are your plans for the new single and video?

H: “We’re talking from a small town in New Jersey, East Brunswick, where we write and record all our new ideas. Our single, “Nothin On Me” was brought to life here. This is our first release as Hideaway and from here we hope to release an EP soon while getting our message out there: music is a hideaway.” – Bree

Stoli: I am still numb by the shooting in Las Vegas at the music festival. How do you make sense of it all and does it make you nervous to perform live?

H: “Honestly, thats the thing, there is no sense to it at all. We are all devastated. There is no reasoning behind what happened in Las Vegas that will ever justify the action, it might scare people out of going to festivals or concerts, but as artists we know its important to continue doing what we love while connecting with people and sending peace through our music. Concerts are not supposed to be scary, its supposed to be an escape and nothing but good vibes, a good time and good music, and thats all we want to share with people while performing. I believe that we cant live our lives in fear that the good times could go wrong.” – Bree

Stoli: How did Hideaway come to be and how did you decide on your name?

H: “Actually, Hideaway formed from a different project that Nick, Eric, and I were all apart of. We’re long time friends who just love to write and jam together. Our name came pretty easily, to us it represents everything we believe music to be: not only an escape but a safe haven. We want our music to be exactly that.” – Bree

Stoli: How long would you say it took to develop your niche sound and did you find Bree Rose or did she find you?

H: “Developing this sound didn’t take us very long after we wrote “Nothin On Me”. Every time we sit down to work on a song things just flow very naturally. We’re all a pretty good team, we all write well together. Bree is not only the singer of the band but she’s also my twin sister, I guess you could say we found each other.” – Nick

“Honestly, I feel like our sound is still developing and always will. We may have this sound right now but music is constantly changing and so are we. We’ll always stick towards our roots but I like to think change is a good thing. Nick definitely found me though, if it wasn’t for him coming home playing guitar and being so musically involved when we were young, I may not have found my voice.” – Bree

Stoli: This is an exciting time for you with your new video/single ‘Nothin On Me’? How long were you writing & recording this single and what producer and studio did you work with?

H: “Yea, its a very exciting time. Our single “Nothin On Me” was written quickly, Bree and I started working on a little idea she had and it just flowed from there. The single was worked on more with our friend Pete Zengerle and recorded multiple times in the span of a year, we made a few variations of the song and ultimately decided to record the final version at Water Studios in Hoboken, NJ.” – Nick

“We later took the song to Rob Freeman from Audio Pilot Studios in Boonton, NJ and he helped produce not only this song but a few others as well that we will be performing live at our upcoming shows. The song was mixed by Steve DeAcutis and finally the song was mastered at Nada Studios in Montgomery, NY.” – Bree

Stoli: What is the meaning to the lyrics and what inspired the single?

H: “Actually, our single “Nothin On Me” was originally about the celebrities that found their way to fame without actually doing anything for it or standing for anything, but as the song developed more it actually started to mean more to me personally. Now, I feel “Nothin On Me” is about the experience I went through starting a new band. I first started writing for Hideaway about two years ago, and during this time I was so focused on writing songs with a ‘new style’ or ‘new sound’ that I forgot how important it was to be true to myself in everything I write. I put the pen down, literally, and decided from then on that every song I write will be real and meaningful to me. Essentially, the person who I was trying to be has nothing on the musician and artist I truly am today. “Nothin On Me” is just the start to our sound and every song we release here after, you will hear how we’ve eased into a sound that just came naturally to us. We decided to release this as our single because it is the last song that has influence from our old project.” – Bree

Stoli: How do you plan to promote the new video and where can folks watch or stream or buy?

H: “You can find “Nothin On Me” on itunes, spotify, apple music, youtube and most other music streaming sites like Pandora. You can purchase it online through many of those pages. We’ll be promoting our music video on all our social media pages, while promoting it on radio stations across NJ over the next month including New Jersey Rocks – WRAT Radio” – Bree

Stoli: What is the most exciting & challenging aspects of being in an independent band in 2017?

H: “I think the most exciting yet challenging things would have to be constantly trying to grow and improve every aspect of the band from performing, to the songs we write. There are so many ways an independent band can get their name out there now and really grow, I think now in 2017 more so than when we first started our first band together in 2008. We’re very lucky to be where we are, in the time we are in.” – Nick

Stoli: When you are not making amazing music what other hobbies/passions do you enjoy?

H: “I usually just stay music related, I teach voice at a music school I grew up going to. I know that sounds boring haha but I actually really enjoy helping others with their craft whether it be just singing a cover song, writing their own music, or working on their overall performance. Besides that I’m learning how to play drums which I love and I’ve recently picked up photography.” – Bree

“I’m a huge movie nerd and enjoy binge watching movies with my puppy. When I’m not hanging out at my house I enjoy traveling and going on long car rides.” – Nick

Stoli: What is coming up for Hideaway and where you @ online?

H: “Well, we have our first show coming up as Hideaway on October 27th in our home state at Mondo in Summit. We are really looking forward to the show and performing with Standby Record’s newly signed upcoming surf punk band, Hang Tight. From there, we will be performing throughout the east coast, and we just hope to expand as we move into the new year releasing our new music. You can find us on all social media pages @ HideawayTheBand.” – Bree