Joe Olnick Band – “Downtown”

Indie/Groove Guitar enthusiast Joe Olnick and his band are back again and continue to deliver amazing guitar instrumentals in their unique was. Joe Olnick are about to launch a new album called Downtown which would be the sixth album of the band. Living in the Philadelphia area, Joe Olnick Band have been popular around the area with their stunning improvisations and live shows that have shown people how skillful of a guitarist that Joel Olnick Band is.

Their last album which was launched last year also saw a lot of airplay and they are back again with a title song “Downtown” that is a testament to the incredible gift on the guitar that Joe possesses. Downtown is a fully instrumental song that come along as extremely well-produced. To a novice ear, it might be hard to distinguish the different sounds and techniques that are evident in “Downtown”. However, anybody can experience the smooth, soothing strings that fill up the sound.

Unrushed and gentle, the funky groove gets you buzzing per second until you feel yourself riding the wave all the way downtown. The song has a wonderful combination of a lively tempo and melodies that are so easy to flow with. The Joe Olnick Band continues to impress with their flexibility with the guitar which makes it difficult to peg them to a distinctive sound. They always find a new way to impress.

Downtown starts with a simple combination of original guitar notes and graduates into a full-blown groove that fuses drums and the bass guitar in sweet harmony, listen closely enough and you will feel the soft keyboard-organ tones kick into the mix and enhance the auditory experience. Even though it is a classic sound, you can feel the urban influence in the style. It’s not so urban-feeling that you lose that cool vibe you’d get.

Let’s face it, The Joel Olnick Band absolutely comes through with this song and when you add the fact that Reuben Cohen produced the song, Grammy award winning producer, you can tell that this is a work of art. It’s a song you can plan through traffic or a cool summer day. The production quality of “Downtown” is impeccable in terms of technical quality and it is obvious that it is the product of excellent craftsmanship. The sound is awesome and it’s a highly refreshing take on the funk sound.

“Downtown” is the herald for the upcoming album that will be released October 20th. What you can expect is amazing sound, great movements and fantastic instrumental performances. The production is also crisp and will bring the album up to epic proportions. There’s a myriad of sounds you’ll find in the album, something for every kind of ear is there. Can we call it jazz or groove-rock? At the end of the day, “Downtown” is a wonderful vibe that showcases the marriage of talent with technical skills, a truly 5-star effort from Joe Olnick band.

By Nancy Dunage