Bongo Boy TV – Season 6 Episode 10 Good Heartbeats Grow A Fonder Love

With a sound that taps into the best of 70s summer jams Doug MacDonald Band’s “Lights On” truly stuns. Guitars possess a force of nature like take upon them as they soar through vast space. Lyrically the song embraces a carpe diem style as they teem with optimism.

Sarah Ragsdale’s “This Kiss” opts for a timeless jaunt. Clearly influenced by jazz and ragtime the song comes through swinging. Piano and her vocals merge together into a delightful stream.

A tropical flavor rises with Matt LeGrand’s feel-good vibes of “All Good”. Featuring a nimble quality, the piece employs a wormy bass line to great effect. Choruses swim in and out of the mix choosing to weave a vast tapestry of sound.

Electro and pop work in unison on the Winter Sounds’ glorious “Heartbeats”. Infectious to its very core the track embraces great swathes of color. Full of hope in the world the piece rushes up in a glorious blur.

Cinematic in scope Judith Owen’s polished perfection of “Send Me A Line” simply glimmers. Recalling a similar theatrical vein akin to Jon Brion’s arrangements the song feels ever so slightly askew. Quite pleasantly the song grows as it incorporates classical, pop, and jazz into a brilliant whole.

Tapping into a sense of community is the reggae flavors of Van Gordon Martin’s “Let It Grow”. Echo and delay come together with such joy. A celebration of the world at large the song’s melodic richness lingers in the mind.