Little Musicians: 4 Ways You Can Support Your Child’s Interest in Music

Music is very important in many cultures and plays a key role in our lives. There have been many studies conducted linking the role of music to different areas of our lives, including regulating moods and increasing academic success. Children can absolutely benefit by learning to play music. Below are some ways in which you can support your child’s interest in music.

Purchase Instruments
Let’s say for example that your child has expressed a desire to learn to play a certain instrument. While he or she may be extremely interested in the piano or drums, these instruments can be expensive. Don’t rush out and buy high end equipment just yet though. Kids’ interests change and evolve over time. Make sure they are genuinely interested first by providing them with less expensive or even toy versions of the instruments to start off. If they seem to become more passionate after this, then consider buying a better quality instrument.

Music Lessons
If your child is still consistently showing a legitimate interest in playing a musical instrument, discuss the option of enrolling them in music lessons. You can start them off in their school music classes before getting them private lessons. Some children no longer wish to engage in an activity once it becomes more challenging and less fun. Music lessons can help them decide either to stick with the instrument or to throw in the towel.

Music School
Say your child has now gone through music lessons for a few years both privately and in school and they are still very interested and passionate about music. After your child has also become quite skilled and has shown a natural talent and ear for music, you may want to consider a private music school for them. Some schools, like Norfolk Academy, know how important it can be to have a focused music curriculum. Music schools typically offer regular courses, but with a much more increased focus on music theory and other music related subjects. Your child will become much more skilled and will be pushed to master their instrument while still learning other core subjects.

Be Encouraging
Above all, you must be encouraging if you want to support your child’s musical interests. Let them know you care and are their biggest fan. Listen to them play new songs and attend as many of their concerts and recitals as possible.

Hopefully this article helps provide ideas on how you can fan the musical flame within your child. Expose them to different areas of art and literature and see if they have any other interests as well. The end goal of this is not to make your child a professional musician or artist. Often times children will learn valuable life skills playing music and they may discover their true life passion as a result. So be encouraging and support their interest in the arts.