‘Mocean’ By Breeze

Mocean by Breeze is a creatively done hip-hop style song that captivates listener’s attention with its appealing and harmonic rhythm and vocals.

If you are a hip-hop lover and you love to let loose yourself on the hippy tracks then “Mocean” by Breeze will definitely find its way in your playlist. Mickey Breeze or Breeze, recorded this hip-hop, rap, and R&B track just like any other hip-hop or R&B track would be recorded. What makes it different from other tracks is its sound and quality.

The song sounds decent and sophisticated. You don’t feel the urge to lower the volume of your music system while playing this song. Everything, starting from music to beats to vocals is clear and loud, none over-riding the other. This gives the song a rare identity and adds a unique touch to it.

Mickey Breeze or Breeze is the 1/3 of the hip-hop group, Grynd Seazon. While working with them, including in their last collab together with Noah from The Band of the Hawk, they decided to record solo tracks. “Mocean” is the title of this particular track and is also known as track number 9, which suggests that it is the track number 9 of the upcoming EP.

This song is a 10-year-old beat that Breeze has dug up from Noah Archangel’s The Band of the Hawk dusty MPC, thus, giving it a unique feature. The USP of the track is that nobody has heard Breeze singing like this ever before. This is surely going to be a treat to your ears.

The music of the track is clear and crisp and has a flow attached to it, which you cannot resist. It also contains a beguiling beat with prudent rhythm. It is a song that you can sit back, relax and enjoy. An easy-going track, the harmony between the rhythms and vocals gives it a different identity, hence creating a lot of buzz around it.

Breeze, with this track, has shown a new aspect of his capabilities. Keeping his vocals down and maintaining his trans worthy voice, he made this track the one that you would never be tired of listening to.

Even when you listen to it over and over again, it doesn’t appear to be a boring track for you. Entertainment and musical love are at its best throughout this track. It is certainly an impressive and noteworthy track that seems to pull together all the pieces to solve the puzzle.

Breeze has completely reinvented his skill sets and his vocal capabilities and has produced a mind-blowing and appealing track. The intense structure of the song “Mocean” and it’s describing music makes it purposeful and intended. The bizarreness of the music of this track is what turns out in enhancing its captivating and hypnotic feature making the listeners stick to it again and again.

Your perception and thinking about Breeze’s vocal abilities will completely change after listening to this particular work that sounds appealing to ears and creates a relaxing environment while helping you to enjoy the R&B music style. Gear up to experience the twist!

9.5/10 Stars


– Henry R. Davidson