MkX – ‘The Look’

There is transcendence in MkX’s music. It shares mutuality with The Weekend and August Alsina. DJ Khalid dances around the flames, but MkX has the fire. His lyrics reek of excessive confidence and bold expression, just as he claims that the X represent these qualities. While I read the lyrics of his song, ‘The Look,’ I figured that this singer has a poet in him. Perfectly strewed lines that are pregnant with meaning and depth, The Look is of MkX creations that represents him well.

As an artist, MkX aims to give expression to his audience. He got mine as I listened and calmly waited for the breaking point.


The Look begins with a very skeptical verse about moving:

“I don’t wanna jump the gun like I usually do
Only wanna make a move if you want me to
Sick of all the failed attempts to find the one
But ya got me thinkin’ that I’m what you want”

Sometimes, men are always torn between the reality found between these lines. To say or not to say, to tell or just walk away, some miss out of the fun because they lack the expression and because they do not understand the place of timing.

I believe MkX is a different artist because of the way he writes his lyrics. There is an intricacy that is found hiding between the very everyday words and yet they paint just the needed emotions right into your ear. He is very good at creating imagery with his lyrics, and this makes him a more valid artist

I fell in between his lyrics and remembered “Dave Simon.” The looks he gave me and the way I blushed away. The look was a communication, as I presumed, asking me if he could come and ask me out on a date and my blush, as he figured was the reply that you are taking too much time to ask.

Every art should heal. During a panel discussion about writing, we reached a consensus that art that does not heal is lacking. This makes MkX’s The Look a much more valid song. He plants himself like a savior into his music and gives every bit of his strength to broken people, people looking for validation.

“You could be a long shot
You could think I’m hot hot
You could have a plot plot
To turn me on”

MkX is a typical person who has gone through the process of loving. The details in ‘The Look’ is apt and on point. See this pre-chorus –

“Maybe I’m just dead wrong
Maybe I’m just spot on
Baby I can’t wait long
So come in close”

The Look is a loud conversation about love, timing, waiting and desires. I remember the songs of a Nigerian artist, Brymo, I heard some time ago, his lyrics are just as valid as MkX’s. The duo takes their audience through the depth of the themes they explore.

The musical backup of MkX’s ‘The Look’ is strong. The keyboard rose sonorously and hit notes as it scampered around the 4mins bar of gold. Something more desirable about the song is the grand entrance that gave way to MkX’s voice. His voice fell into the right places, as he ran melodious scales in between to flex his vocal muscles.

This is a great one from MkX, and I hope his creativity will rise above The Look in the next release.

I am giving him a wink, and I hope he will understand ‘The Look.’

Persha Carlston