Songstress Eckoes Returns With ‘Pieces’

“In such a frenetic city, we crave intimacy but have to steel ourselves for protection. So when our bodies come together with carnal force, they shatter to pieces; and in this one moment of utter fragmentation, we to try to forget reality.”

On ‘Pieces’ ECKOES’ craft as a storyteller is laid bare in all its authenticity, revealing an artist whose sensitivity and lived experience informs her work. It’s a sensual number about what happens when the emotional fortifications we build around ourselves in a city teeming with life shatter after meaningful human encounters. ‘I am the hunter now / I won’t lay my armour down’ go the lyrics atop a minimal verse beat that’s both warm and dark. ‘Hiding from the thunder / I’m not ready for you’ ECKOES sings before the song’s expansive chorus drops which, together with the lyrics, capture the glorious musical tempests that brew when two lives become entangled and disarmed in love. In ‘Pieces’ ECKOES adds to an already impressive body of work that explores through music what it means to be human and to feel alive in a world that often feels disconnected.