Do You Want To Build a Custom Home?


To protect your family and belongings, it is important to get a house. It provides protection for these elements of your life. Moreover, a house gives your loved ones a place to call home. There are many ways to get one. You could buy a house or build it from the ground up. Purchasing a house is easy and straightforward. However, you do not get as much creative control as you would wish. On the other hand, when you build it, you are able to control how it looks and the features within. During that process, if you have any common house design questions or need guidance during the process, don’t stop yourself. Instead go ahead and feel free to ask the builder for assistance.

Various types of building materials have been innovated over the years. One of these is PermaPanels. Here is more on this type of construction material.

What are PermaPanels?

These are a type of construction panel that takes the best of Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs), and makes them better. A SIP is a panel that has OSB material on its external surface and studs combined with styrofoam on the inner surface. They are used for fast construction and are great; however, they still have a few problems such as being very expensive and still subject to fires, floods, pests, and mold. The PermaPanel, on the other hand is made from a specialized concrete blend that is lightweight and even easier to use. Provided by Benson Bondstone construction company, PermaPanels are ideal for custom homes, developers, and even large structures. PermaPanels have a number of advantages. Here they are.

What are the advantages of SIPs

There are a number of benefits that you can get from PermaPanels that you cannot get from other types of construction materials. They include:

More affordable than traditional stick frame construction
They are stronger
They are easier to customize
They are more energy-efficient
They are flood-resistant
They are fire-resistant
The build time is shorter
Pests and mold do not affect them

PermaPanels are able to deliver these qualities to you thanks to their unique characteristics. They are thick, strong and easy to work with for building Coeur d’Alene custom homes. As such, many experts in the construction industry see them as the material of the future.

How is the construction process like when working with PermaPanels?

Fewer materials and labor

There are fewer materials used in construction when working with PermaPanels. This is because the panels integrate a number of divisions into a single panel. These divisions include a vapor barrier, framing, exterior sheathing, drywall and insulation. They are all present in every PermaPanel. As such, the cost of extra materials is eliminated and so is the need for specialist contractors.

The construction time is reduced

PermaPanels fit into each other like building blocks. As such, it does not take a long time to construct a building using this material. Interestingly, you can build an entire house from the foundation to the roof in under seven days.

There is no need for special contractors

When working with PermaPanels for building Coeur d’Alene custom homes, the need for specially-skilled personnel is eliminated. The panels are easy to work with and therefore, all that you need to do is fit them together according to your construction plan. They are an excellent opportunity for do it yourself (DIY) home construction.


Benson Bondstone is the company which provides these PermaPanels. They are dedicated to providing affordable, durable, sustainable and highly resistant building materials. For more than 20 years, the company has provided construction materials. The PermaPanels are some of the innovations from this company.