Venus Theory – ‘NIGHTWALKER EP’

Venus Theory hits to fame with their musical album ‘NightWalker’. Enjoy the musical creativity of Alecia and Cameron.

With the increasing fetish for creative music, a lot many music artists have acquired the opportunity to innovate their thoughts into remarkably melodious harmony. Venus Theory is one such composition of two musical geniuses, Alecia Gates and Cameron Gorham which gives a different depth to the bass music.

Originally hailing from Central Illinois, Alecia and Cameron have bestowed their knowledge and efforts into their new venture Venus Theory releasing their first album, ‘NightWalker’ on the sixth day of October this year. The album is a collective EP with five tuneful and well-shaped melodies written and designed for the young hearts that are fond of dynamic music and realistic lyrics.

Talented and creative vocalist Alecia Gates has so proficiently framed her thoughts into verses along with the instrumental accompaniment equally complimented by Cameron Gorham, also the producer of the EP.

A different approach towards their production technique and cinematic styling should easily grab eminence and fame in the world of music.
The lyrics weave a thought-provoking, yet a warm and inspiring thread of songs which blend into a raw, electrifying and tensed atmosphere as the soulful voice of Alecia sweep through each song consecutively.

The first song in the album is quite appropriately titled ‘Fire’ as it ignites a deep passionate desire to feel the strong burning sensations that the album tries to create gradually. As the flame burns deeper and higher with the next songs and an equally engaging background score, Alecia confidently voices the second melody which she has written so beautifully.

The digital effects are handled efficiently which retains the effect Alecia and Cameron have exactly tried to enkindle through this EP. Also, need to mention the sound quality is undoubtedly marvelous.

‘Afraid to let go’, the second song, pricks at the deeply hidden bondage of the listener’s mind with pragmatic and meaningful words and evokes a strong desire for happiness. The music is smooth and gives a very homely feeling to the listener.

Just like Alecia, who creates magic with her heartwarming lyrics and high-pitched voice, Cameron too ingeniously designs a different engaging musical cluster for each song. He has carefully planned a hard, dynamic and solid musical arrangement for the first three songs which intensifies the atmosphere and then reduces the musical scenario to light and rhythmic tone for the next two songs with a progressive soulful beating for the last one.

As the songs ‘Echo’ through the mind, the evoking feelings craves for more words and Alecia returns with, ‘Practice what you preach’, in an appealing and confident tone which awakens the listener and brings back an overwhelming feeling of strength from within.

The talented duo efficiently ends the album with their last creative number, ‘Heart Still Beating’. The end brings in a new rebel and a different vision into the gray shaded thoughts of the world.

The EP ‘NightWalker’ by Venus Theory is an unconventional and remarkable creativity of the immensely talented duo of Alecia and Cameron, taking music to a whole new different level.

9.5/10 Stars

– Jayden Jones