Tremble New Video “Thorns”

We last saw the trip-hop pop band Tremble doing stripped down covers and playing with a 90’s inspired electro sound perfectly illuminated by singer/songwriter Kelly Sweet’s chillingly soft voice. Now the band is back with a captivating new single, “Thorns,” and a video that’s exactly as dark, hypnotic, and stimulating as you’d expect.

The opening lyrics sung a cappella immediately suck you in to this darkly romantic tripped out mix, “Pain is like a rose, gotta watch yourself on those thorns.” Shot with a grainy film texture in the vast deserts of California, Kelly and the band jam out out on the terrain with a chorus that’s just gospel enough to lift your spirits.

The video includes some throwback camera techniques like stop animation and time lapses using white roses. The camera shifts focus between thick layers of thorns, superimposed over Kelly’s dreamy and rhythmic movements. The use of the white rose, a thematic symbol that often represents spirituality and innocence, seen at the start and end of the video is symbol and unique, giving the video a bit of cinematic depth for the viewers to explore. Like a rose herself, Kelly’s performance is beautiful and inviting with a sharp twist.