West Virginia natives Bobaflex are the hard rock band of your dreams. They’re out with their new album, Eloquent Demons, on August 25th. This is the perfect time to get familiar with them. The band is made up of Shaun and Martin McCoy (guitar and vocals), Dave Tipple (guitar and vocals), Tommy Johnson (drums), and Jymmmy Tolland (bass and vocals). This will be their eighth studio album. The introduction to the album, “Eloquent Demons,” tells you that demons are the ones pulling the strings, making for the chaos in the White House and everything that’s come from it. Really, that’s almost a nice alternative. With great riffs and strong vocals, Bobaflex really put their best into this album and it shows.

“Long Time Coming” is the second single from this album and it is a fantastic song. One thing I like about Eloquent Demons is that every song has a unique hook and this one is my favorite. I love the drums and guitars in this song. It makes me feel like I can take down anything in my way. The whole album does a lot in terms of motivation. If you want kickass music to get pumped up with, look no further.

“Lights Out” has my favorite melody in the album. It reminds me of older rock songs without feeling like it’s trying to emulate them. The guitar work in this song alone… I love it. I also have a soft spot for songs about drinking that aren’t just meant to be annoying earworms.

Starting off with a softer sound, “Off With Your Head” is another favorite. Don’t let the beginning fool you, it isn’t some love ballad. It’s really about being sick and tired of someone, and it is straight up cruel. I love the lyrics so much- “Do you want to see my battle scars? / You could never be a match for me. / Calling out to all my battle scars / They will find another queen for me.” The melody is great, and I especially love the guitar work in this track.

“Hey You” was the first single from Eloquent Demons and it’s a brilliant cover of the Pink Floyd song. If you couldn’t tell that Bobaflex didn’t have a diverse sound with incredible talent already, this song will change your mind. I’m a harsh judge of covers, but I can’t find anything wrong with this. They knocked it out of the park, and I can’t get enough. The vocals are so incredible- it’s already clear from the rest of the album that all of the vocalists are very talented, but “Hey You” really showcases that.

This entire album is solid and distinct. Every song has a different sound and a unique quality that stands out, so you don’t feel as if you’ve been listening to one long song. Every component been seamlessly brought together in a brilliant collection of songs. Eloquent Demons is the album I would give to jaded rock fans who think there’s nothing new worth listening to. I can’t recommend this album and this band enough.


Victoria Patterson