Nick Black – ‘Joy To The Girl’

Nick Black’s joy to the girl is an appeasing track with soulful music and excellent usage of vocal and rhythms.

Nick Black surely deserves a standing ovation and a great round of applause for the latest track “Joy To The Girl”. Where else can you expect such a perfect culmination of modern soul with R7B music? This sensational, retro- oriented, soulful track is a must listen piece for all music lovers.

The backdrop of the music video is also interesting and perfectly complements the track and its nature of music. The music video has an office set up in the back drop, and each and every prop of office, as well as the employees, are used brilliantly to visually supplement the track and thus, here is another win for the artist for the brilliant concept.

Coming back to the track, the music is appeasing. The positive vibes of the lyrics and the extraordinary concept of the track are reflected throughout the song. It is a funky, refreshing song mirroring the style and passion of the artist.

It won’t be wrong if we consider the song to be an entire world on its own. You will be carried away with its vivaciousness and will be floored by its sumptuous rhythms. Nick Black has proved that he is an underrated artist of the music industry and carries an entire bunch of talent within him.

Exceeding the listener’s expectations, the song has an essence and a flow that makes it beautiful and extraordinary in every possible sense. It has got a brilliant musical combination that is gradually hitting the right chord among listeners of all age.

Gone are the days, when latest musical tracks were considered to be belonging from only the hip-hop genre, that was a hit among youngsters but were not so appreciated by the elder generations. Today, the elder generations take part in the musical concerts and the latest releases actively and are speaking their mind loud enough for the music industry to listen. The track “Joy To The Girl” has been highly appreciated by people from all generations and has proved that the real essence of music has not lost yet.

What takes the track to the height of success is the clear and clean cut of the vocal chords of the artist. Floating along excellently well with the music in the background, it is his voice that is worth appreciating. The other elements of the song are placed well and are stitched together excellently to result in the beautiful and excellent track that it is.

Nick Black has made a huge buzz in the market and has made his presence felt in the music industry with this song. Consider the song as your perfect partner for a boring evening, or a crowded bus, where you are surrounded by flocks of people, but still alone, and enjoy its refreshing and musically enriched feel to lighten up your mood. The lovey dovey song will definitely make its position up high in your playlist and there you will be, unable to resist yourself from listening to it one more time!

9/10 Stars

– Jacob Martin