Black Note Graffiti – ‘Such Is Art’

The music fans should keep an eye out for the Black Note Graffiti. The band has toured from the Hollywood to the New York City whereby it has an enrapturing masses with the grungy crashing instrumentals as well as powerful vocals. In the song ‘Such Is Art’ the listeners are fully treated to the haunting melodies with the whispers in the background of main verses in the song which therefore adds a creepy touch.

The Black Note Graffiti is known to have one of the most exciting sounds which are not based on the volume of rock and thickness but the structure and the passion of thoughtful and an effective writing of the song. The song by the name ‘Such Is Art’ begins by introducing itself by fusing class, part of a distorted guitar which is simple and yet heavy and gritty which is somehow vulnerable. The leading voice which comes across immediately is emotional and it is genuine and also honest. The sound which is on the whole band draws the attention of many fans from the Pearl Jam to the Audioslave and then to the Queens Of The Stone Age then to Smashing Pumpkins to the outer world. No specific comparison which has been found as it is just the effort put by the band which they present as well as the considerate and complex style of writing which therefore suggests that there is far more of the music than the love of being so loud.

This song ‘Such is Art’ is a fascinating and also intricate song which is beautifully structured. At every moment it offers something new and also unexpected, also it keeps with the story telling as well as the song’s mood. The hook of the song is very incredible and the more you are hearing it, it continues to take hold of you. A specific or particular line chosen has unique qualities which are of being unheard anywhere and holding the fierce power of a key melodic moment. It has also a unique quality of being fresh and yet completely relevant to the most people or audience who will listen to it. This such great humanness inherent used in the song is something which will always speak at greater volumes more than the genre or even the instrumentation could ever do alone.
The song is a brilliant one and being a fan of the classic, it is heavy but very melodic rock music. It is still refreshing in discovering the band and bringing back the very essence of open, passionate, unapologetic grit without the cost of the skillful or even captivating musicianship. This is a promising band and one will definitely be on a lookout for longer projects in near future.

It is, therefore, safe to say that the Black Note Graffiti’s talent is so boundless and one can tell that the best and excellent songwriters in the ‘Such are Art’. This has been harmonization between Kris Keller and the Ricardo Ortiz which was effortless in the song as their voices have blended together in a perfect manner.

By Erin O’Malley