Keeping your Concert Cool: 5 Things to Remember at Your Next Show

Yes, it is all about the music and the experience, but there is some room for practicality. No one is saying that you should not be passionately involve in a performance. There is no harm in having a little fun after your concert, but preparation does not take much effort. The following are five things to remember for your next show that will keep you and your band on the right track.

Eat Something
Performing makes most musicians feel euphoria but not before the performance. Some people get really nervous and lose their appetite. You want to eat and drink enough fluids before you get nervous, or you might faint if your body feels overwhelmed during or right before the performance.

Backup Instruments
Instruments are expensive, but those who have the money should definitely invest in a few backup instruments. Of course, reliable instruments should only require routine maintenance, but you never know if a problem will arise. You do not want to get stuck playing a set and an instrument goes out on you.

Calming Tool
Performing can be stressful. Those who cannot control this issue might want to consider bringing a calming tool. This could be anything that works for you. For example, the scent of vanilla or lavender is known to reduce stress, so consider carrying the corresponding essential oils. Some find the active ingredients in dark chocolate calming, so think about bring a chocolate bar with you just in case.

A Designated Driver
There is a chance that you might need a drink after a performance. This is your night, and no one should stop you from enjoying a victory drink, but you should still think ahead. What you want to do is have one of your band members avoid drinking, or hire a service that can pick you and your band up so that you do not have to drink and drive. If you disregard this particular piece of advice, you may find yourself with a hefty fine to pay. If you do find yourself in that situation, an attorney like Russo Lawyers or a similar firm that specializes in DUI cases could help you try and recover as much as you can from the situation.

Emergency Contact
Everyone relies on their phones nowadays, which is okay. Smartphones are relatively safe and reliable, but there is always a chance of a slight hiccup. You could lose your phone, or it could simply die on you. You need to have the number of your emergency contact on you. This might sound silly, but most people no longer know numbers since their smartphones usually remembers those digits for them, so it is a good idea.

Hopefully, you consider some of these points to make sure your next concert goes smoothly and you are prepared for any surprises.