How Musicians Make Sure Their Instruments Stay Safe When Moving

As a musician, your instrument is your livelihood. You might even feel as if your instrument is an extension of yourself. It is important to ensure that your musical instrument is carefully packed, stored and transported when moving. Follow these four tips to keep your instruments safe when relocating.

Clean the Instrument before the Move
Before you move, clean the instrument. Leftover saliva on a brass instrument or oils from your hands on a strings instrument could cause damage while the item is being moved or stored. Oils and saliva may cause additional damage if the instrument is transported in a hot truck or left in a storage facility that is not climate controlled. Take photos of the instrument before packing it.

Use the Original Carrying Case
Most instruments are sold with a carrying case. Even a large string bass comes with a carrying case to protect it from dents, dings and scratches. Pack the instrument in its original case. If you no longer have the original case, connect with a local instrument repair or supply store and purchase one. These cases are designed to safeguard the instrument while in transit and have protective padding on the inside for additional protection.

Find Professionals for Moving Specialty Items
If you own a large instrument that does not have a carrying case, it is a good idea to use movers for these kind of specialty items. Professionals, such as those at Bekins Van Lines Inc., realize that instruments such as a piano or harp should be attended to by movers with experience at handling instruments. The specialty moving experts will know how to properly wrap, pad and pack the instrument so it is not damaged while it is in transit or during the loading and unloading process.

Take Care When Storing Instruments
Musical instruments should not be left in a truck or storage unit unless the storage area is climate-controlled. High humidity could damage the organic materials, including the strings and wood of the instrument. Humidity could also cause corrosion of brass instruments. Extreme temperatures may warp the wood of string instruments or the leather of percussion instruments. Make sure that your moving truck has an air conditioned interior and that you use a climate-controlled storage unit.

Also make sure to put your contact information inside of the instrument’s case or within the layers of wrapping and padding. If your instrument has a high monetary value, consider a separate insurance policy for it. As soon as the moving truck arrives, unload your instrument and check its condition.