Yung Terra and Atrap – ‘Back Roads’

Hip hop and rap music a pair like other notable pairs out there, oranges and apples, ketchup and mustard, peanut butter and jelly, they never leave one another. Hence why they are always together and why hip hop and rap has brought together the likes of Atrap and Yung Terra for his piece of work called “Back Roads” off his album “247” or “24/7”.

“Back Roads” was produced by JvsticeBeats so the quality of the song itself is really impressive. The whole track sounds so crisp and clear, clean cut music as well as vocals, makes the song so smooth yet fresh too. Vocalization wise both rap and hip hoppers Yung Terra and Atrap both do their share on the track, having it sound really complex. Both of them playing off one another, each maintain their unique style and sound of course.

Yung Terra’s rap hip hop style is more center focused, having a catchier source of rhythm while Atrap is more outstanding, he goes out of his way, to be that front and center focus, more out there as it were. The two together play off one another when it comes to this track “Back Roads”, as previously mentioned. They are able to play off one another so well, that it just had to be mentioned twice, because it is just how they sound. The music just works in their favor really. Melodies used through the track is outpouring, very upbeat, keeping a tone of beat that changes every so often, it sounds like a new song every few seconds. That alone is very crafty and has a lot of skill to play off of so well.

As far as the both of them sounding wise, they are rap and hip hop artists, sounding a lot like the others in existence today. These guys may have their own style of sound going here, but they make it happen. Creating a song and source of material, their other works, sounding very thought out. Lyrically speaking, the song is very spoken for really. The song speaking of everyday life situations and scenarios. It turns to become a track that is very opening.

Overall though “Back Roads”, tends to be more of those songs you could possibly hear be played in a night club scene of environment, if not for sure heard on the radio of some type, online or offline. It will likely become a tune that will likely get an accompanying remixed version of sorts for sure. The remixed take of the track standing out more so than this original version of the track even maybe.

For the likes of Yung Terra and Atrap though, they are a set of artists, who have got their skills in check. This track is a fact of that, showing off their abilities as musicians, they got craft, creativity and are able to take sounds, beats, and melodies together to create a style that is truly unique and really all their own. It is music that speaks to them and to others as well.

By: Natalie Perez