4 Ways Musicians Can Ease Their Nerves before Performing

Even seasoned musicians may get nervous before performing. Whether you are at a new venue or playing a new set, you might have anxious nerves interfering with your line of thought. Consider these four ways of easing your nerves before a performance.

Meditate or Pray
If you are religious or spiritual, you could have a moment of prayer to calm your nerves before going on stage. Even a moment of silence before performing could be just what you need to settle any feelings of anxiety. Meditation is another way to ease feelings of nervousness before a performance. You may wish to set up a backstage area for meditation or prayer.

Vape Nicotine
Vaping nicotine could also be a good choice for calming your nerves before a musical performance. Some companies, like The Vape Mall, know that vaping gives your hands something to do, while the nicotine calms your nerves. As you vape, you can sit down and simply take in your surroundings. Slowing yourself down, breathing deeply, and being aware of your body as you vape can all help to calm yourself before you take the stage.

Practice Controlled Breathing
Practicing controlled breathing is another useful tool for lessening feelings of anxiety. You could take a moment or two and take deep, controlled breaths. Learning how to do controlled breathing is easy, and nobody has to know that you are doing it. This type of stress relief could also be helpful during other situations when you are feeling nervous or anxious, such as waiting at a doctor’s office.

Do Some Stretching Exercises
In many cases, anxious nerves are combined with a feeling of tenseness in the muscles. Consider taking a few minutes to do some stretching exercises. Wall pushups, shoulder rolls, leg stretches, jumping jacks or lunges are all good ways to stretch different muscle groups in your body. Spending just a few minutes stretching will also help you to prepare for the physical rigors of performing on stage. You may also wish to drink a glass of water just after doing the stretches. The water helps to flush toxins out of your body and it prepares your vocal cords for singing.

Each of these techniques only takes five to ten minutes to do. You could do all of these things to relax your mind and calm your nerves before stepping on stage to greet the audience and play your set. From vaping to stretching, these techniques for calming anxious nerves also work when you prepare for a variety of stressful situations.