Shelita Burke – ‘Penetrate (Part 2)’

EDM or electronic dance music is so highly popular it is hard to ignore it unless you really focus upon doing so that is. But for the likes of Shelita Burke, she has a new song called “Penetrate (Part 2)” her newest song turned single release. Which happens to be a sequel to the other previous single of the same name “Penetrate”. Or “Penetrate (Part 1)”, for those wondering. How do the two compare and differ from one another, well both are within the same field aspect. The music is pop mixed with EDM, having “Penetrate (Part 2)”, being more EDM based, allowing for an expansion as it were for the artist.

Speaking of which, Shelita Burke as an artist has done quite a lot, being a pop EDM artist, she has become a phenom from Los Angeles, California, being raised out in Seattle. She had set her sights on going around the world but more so to Europe to pursue her music career, which she had done without the support of a record label! She then went on to tour the world, doing over 100 shows across the likes of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Along with the U.S. o course, just building up her status as an artist.

Going back to “Penetrate (Part 2)”, though, it is as mentioned an EDM type of track, with her pop vocalization preserved front and center, showing off her skills flawlessly and effortlessly. She has got the skills hands down, as a vocalist, her voice being clear cut quality. You can hear her as clear as a bell, while the music plays off in the backdrop. The music of course being very EDM based with lots of techno synths playing off, a lot of mixing noises, very fast paced type of melodies pulsing outward with the music being played.

It will surely become a type of track that could likely be heard out on the night club scene. If not perhaps performed in some type of AD or even commercial of similar context. Her music melodies used throughout the song, brought to mind that of another EDM pop artist from Japan called Hatsune Miku. A lot of her works has this type of style, except her vocalization is more digital than your average person’s vocal chords would sound. But again both her and Shelita Burke play along the same styles.

The song’s meaning and lyrical content though is more about thoughts. The song title for instance brings to mind stuff you would only think about in a private bed time setting. So it is not for the touchy feeling types of folk. It is more of a track with lots of elements of levels, having a clear infusion of connection of being with a lover. Really embracing their love, care, and connection with said person. So if you have been in love and gone as far as done stuff that should not be mentioned here then you get the picture that this track could easily toss out.

It has its moments of upbeat tone, with catchy melodies to hold onto you, with the voice work done rather nicely. It becomes a track you could enjoy more than once for sure. Shelita Burke is an artist of sorts that has got something already set for herself, her only way to expand is to keep going with what she does best, which is music. She has got the skills set locked on only time is needed to build up more so to create more material of even more crafty material.


By: Natalie Perez