Richard Lynch – ‘Cut and Paste’

Right off the bat, the lyrics that are first said within the track “Cut and Paste” by Richard Lynch are just priceless. The whole song and accompanying video for the track is just again truly priceless. The song is country rock based, so for those who are not accustomed to such a genre, this may or may not be the track for your musical desires. If you do have a liking to country rock music then this is it, right here, right now “Cut and Paste” by Richard Lynch is just tops.

The track is country rock but it brings a modern edge to it. Like the song’s lyrical content is very meaningful, and so outspoken and true it is downright funny! Literally the most biggest smile, grin, whatever you want to call it, was spread across my face, listening and viewing the track that is “Cut and Paste”. The track goes into details about the modern age of everyone kids, teens, adults, of all shapes, sizes, races, whatever uses digital media, social media, however it is called nowadays.

All in everyone’s mind is set only on one thing which is communicating through typing, whether it would be through an email message, text message, instant message, comment message, etc. You get the idea, that is clearly what this track and it’s video is all about. It is really sad when you stop to think and view it. It is sad but true really, no one communicates with one another like how you use to do in the past times. Talking face to face, or through video or even audio calls online or offline using a telephone or in this case landline if you want to go way back when. Nowadays it is all about mobile devices, using those until we are blue in the face!

Again it is downright perhaps even terrible as to how people of the modern day talk with one another, let alone at one another as well. Lots of abuse, bullying, online more so than offline. The offline matters causing suicides, deaths, you name it. After hearing and seeing “Cut and Paste” done by Richard Lynch it really made me smile for one thing, and for another thing, made me stop and think. Me I could relate to what Richard is saying I miss the old ways things were, how people went out, hanging out, having a good old time, now if you want to see someone you see them through pictures and videos of stupidity online.

No one wants to hang out in person anymore, let alone even want to meet up and that is depressing more ways than just the one if at that. But in any case though this track has a lot of meaning to it. The song’s quality is great, lyrics are superb, with the melody of the track itself, being very smooth and fun. It’s tone of beat, being very original yet stays true to the country rock ways. It is one of those tracks or videos you can hear and see and sit back and think about.

It makes you wonder and think about yourself and your own lifestyle you live. Perhaps getting out more so would do you good. It at least shows from the likes of Richard Lynch, with his track “Cut and Paste”.

By: Natalie Perez