How to Travel Safely with Your Guitar This Summer

For many people, following the dream of traveling Europe or a new city with just a suitcase and your guitar is enticing. But if you do not take care of your guitar during every phase of your trip, then a sweet sounding dream can suddenly go out of tune. Traveling safely with a guitar, or any other instrument, is not as difficult as it sounds. With planning and an understanding of the best ways to travel, you and your guitar can do your summer tour without incident.

The Right Case
If you are carrying around an electric guitar, you are going to need a durable high-tech equipment case for protection. A guitar made of wood, which is probably most guitars, needs a durable case to protect it from the elements and possible damage. A good case is a mandatory investment if you want to travel with your guitar, and be sure the case allows you to lock it for extra security.

Summer Heat
Your guitar is a delicate instrument and can be affected by more than bumps and bruises on your journey. Hot temperatures can cause cracking, make glued joints buckle, and cause warping. Wherever you go, never leave your guitar out in its case in the sun for too long. The trunk of your car can get especially hot during summer months. Whenever you park for a break, bring your case with you. Hard shell cases are also great protection and many places offer state-of-the-art designs that can keep your guitar cool and protected from damage.

Avoid Air Travel If You Can
Air travel is the one form of transportation that makes it extremely difficult for you to travel with a guitar. Most airlines consider these instruments to be too big for a carry-on bag, so it will have to be checked in with baggage. At that point, you are taking your chances on the fate of your instrument.

Train travel is ideal for guitars because you can usually bring your guitar with you into your cabin, or even the general seating area. If it is at all possible, travel by car as much as possible to protect your instrument.

Get Insurance
No matter how hard you work to protect your guitar when you travel, there is always the possibility you will run into problems. Prior to leaving on your trip, take out insurance on your guitar in case it is lost or stolen. You can check into various types of travel insurance policies that could offer you this coverage. As you are discussing policies with an agent, ask about the possibility of getting your claimed settled quickly so you can purchase a new guitar as quickly as possible.

Some people just need the open road and a guitar on their back to be happy. If you intend to live out your traveling dreams this summer, then remember to take the right precautions to protect your guitar. A little planning in advance can make sure that you always have your music with you no matter where you go.